Project Update – Carolina Forest Civic Association

Bulletin  8/16/2021:

South Carolina’s Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) agrees to audit Santee Cooper outdoor lighting rates!

This is significant progress!  In fact, it’s the most significant development to date in our two-year quest for an equitable arrangement with Santee Cooper that would lower monthly equipment lease costs HOAs have been required to pay.

A key reason for this breakthrough has been Rep. Tim McGinnis’ strong advocacy of our petitions, correspondence, and meetings with Santee Cooper officials.

Charles Perry, editor of MyHorryNews & The Carolina Forest Chronicle, regularly attends our CFCA monthly meetings.  He’s written an excellent article that succinctly summarizes our current situation.  Check it out by clicking on the hyperlink below:

“So, what can I do to help assure a successful outcome for this important matter?” you say.

Glad you asked!  Scroll down to Bulletin 3/15/2021 ( )below and check out the six info items for your HOA that would help us build a persuasive case when presenting to ORS.  A seventh item would also be helpful:  “What style pole & light are installed in your community?”  (It makes a difference, as some styles are four times more expensive to lease than the standard ones!)  Don’t have all the info?  No problem!  Send whatever you can to [email protected]

This has been a marathon, but the effort will have been well worthwhile if the result is a significant reduction in monthly lease costs for each of our HOAs’ outdoor lighting.  What could your community do with thousands of dollars per year in excess of what you’ve had to budget for lighting lease payments?

Send whatever info you can…and standby for further developments!

~ Bob Sweet
For the Street Lights Committee
Plantation Lakes POA – Carolina Forest

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