October 2, 2020 Progress Report

The word is out! We have been gaining additional interest and support for addressing streetlight rental issues from a number of HOAs/POAs. Local media is shedding light (pun intended) on Santee Cooper’s outdoor lighting contract terms and our efforts to save our neighborhoods substantial amounts of money. (See our News Articles page.)

We have joined forces with Bob Sweet, who is leading the effort in the Carolina Forest community.

We have engaged our legislative representatives to raise their awareness and obtain support for changes to SC laws which would hinder Santee Cooper from negotiating with Homeowner Associations. We have made contact with SC State Senator Stephen Goldfinch, Jr., SC State Senator Luke Rankin, and SC State Representative Lee Hewitt. And, John Thomas, Georgetown County Council, sent a letter to Alan Wilson, Attorney General of the State of South Carolina, requesting a formal “AG Opinion” with respect to the Santee Cooper lighting agreements.

We are continuing our dialogue with Santee Cooper officials, who have agreed to meet with us in mid-October to discuss our primary issues:

  • Ongoing outdoor lighting pole and fixtures rental fees
  • The requirement for meter installation should a community take ownership of their lighting poles and fixtures
  • Higher costs for LED light fixtures which negate the energy savings

We are making progress, but we cannot afford to lose momentum!

One thought on “October 2, 2020 Progress Report

  1. It would be my thought that with long time usage data from both Santee Cooper and the respective HOAs, that energy usage and associated fees could be determined without adding electric meters. While there certainly needs to be some negotiations on this issue as well as an adjustment made when LED lamps are used, but this could be a win-win for all concerned because it would save the cost and maintenance of the electric meters and the ongoing cost to read the meters.

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