Letter to Editor – B. Sweet


To the Coastal Observer Editor

Dear Editor,

Thanks for your recent article, “shedding light” (no pun intended) on a very important yet little-known topic!  Until the issue is corrected, HOA/POA residents will continue paying thousands in unfair charges for their street lights.  Articles such as yours serve as a catalyst, assuring this matter gets addressed and rectified.

One note:  I’m confident that our community, Plantation Lakes, was the one cited in your article as paying $1.3 million in annual leasing fees.  In fact, we pay over $92,000 per year, or approximately $1.3 million since beginning payments over 14 years ago.

Thanks again for effectively bringing this subject–and other key matters–to your readers’ attention.  Yours is a vitally important service for our region!


~ Bob Sweet
Chairman, Street Lights Committee
Plantation Lakes POA, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

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