Letter to Editor – P. Eisenberg

To the Coastal Observer Editor,

I was very pleased to see the lead article (September 24) about Santee Cooper regarding street lights in Homeowner Associations (HOAs) and that Senator Stephen Goldfinch has been working with HOAs to evaluate some possible concessions.  As the article points out, it has been Santee Coopers’ policy to rent only or remove the equipment all together. While I agree there is some maintenance to street lights, it’s pretty much limited to bulb replacement as the poles and fixtures themselves last a long time with virtually no attention whatsoever.  In other words, it would seem reasonable that at some point ownership would transfer to the respective HOAs and any additional maintenance costs would be covered by the energy charges we pay on a monthly basis.

As for the bulbs themselves, I think of the sodium vapor lamps as the incandescent bulbs in my home that I replaced a number of years ago with florescent and subsequently LED bulbs to save energy.  I wonder why Santee Cooper hasn’t changed all their street lights to the new style LED lamps that are far more efficient and provide a brighter and whiter illumination.

I applaud the efforts of all concerned and hope that both the consumer and supplier will benefit from a new and better way of doing business together.

Peter Eisenberg
Heritage Plantation

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