Project Update – Carolina Forest Civic Association

Bulletin  8/16/2021: South Carolina’s Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) agrees to audit Santee Cooper outdoor lighting rates! This is significant progress!  In fact, it’s the most significant development to date in our two-year quest for an equitable arrangement with Santee Cooper that would lower monthly equipment lease costs HOAs have…

South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff & H.3194

The South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) represents the public interest of South Carolina in utility regulation for the major utility industries – electric, natural gas, telecommunications, transportation, and water/wastewater – before the Public Service Commission of South Carolina, the court system, the South Carolina General Assembly, and federal regulatory bodies.…

Update from Santee Cooper, March 9, 2021

Dear Streetlight Team, This e-mail serves as a status update on the HOA Outdoor Lighting concerns. Since our last in-person meeting, our Internal Lighting Lead Team has been meeting weekly in an effort to review and address some of the concerns raised by the HOAs regarding Santee Cooper’s outdoor lighting…

January 14, 2021 Meeting with Santee Cooper

HOA representatives had their third next meeting with Santee Cooper on Thursday, January 14, 2021. Click here to view the meeting agenda. HOA Representatives’ Presentations to Santee Cooper- Talking Points Bob Sweet’s message Jeff Simpson’s message Doug Decker’s message Click here to view the meeting minutes.

October 14, 2020 Meeting Details

HOA representatives and Santee Cooper officials met October 14, 2020, to discuss the outdoor lighting program. Click here to view the meeting agenda from Santee Cooper. Click here to view the meeting minutes. Click here to view the meeting handouts from Santee Cooper.