Assessment of October Meeting with Santee Cooper


Response to inquiry from Charles D. Perry, Carolina Forest Chronicle, regarding the October 14, 2020 meeting between HOA/POA representatives and Santee Cooper:

During a three-hour, constructive session with Santee Cooper officials, we as HOA/POA representatives were encouraged by an atmosphere of candor and mutual respect.  Current positions were expressed by both sides and potential options for a mutually agreeable solution were introduced.

Much work still lies ahead.  At our request, Santee Cooper agreed to provide additional information on several important matters and to meet with us again in the near future.

A catalyst for this long-awaited meeting with Santee Cooper was their recent announcement of a willingness to consider transferring ownership of outdoor lights to HOAs, a position they were not previously willing to consider.  Our main priority remains:  To obtain a more equitable arrangement between communities and Santee Cooper, either through a substantial reduction in lease payments or an ownership transfer of the lights.

We are cautiously optimistic that this is obtainable.”

~Bob Sweet

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