Streetlight at dusk

Save Your Owners Real Money on Streetlight Rentals

Santee Cooper, a South Carolina state-owned utility company, has unfairly, yet legally, overcharged Homeowners Associations (HOAs) for the rental of streetlight poles and fixtures for many years.

Santee Cooper’s strategy creates a perpetual “cash cow” with its private outdoor three-year lighting service contracts.  It sells the benefit of no up-front costs for streetlight poles, fixtures, and installation to residential communities by charging a reasonable monthly rental fee for three years.  Thereafter, the same rental fees continue month-to-month.  When a customer realizes they have paid for fixtures several times over, they learn that Santee Cooper refuses to renegotiate the contract, that they can’t buy the existing poles and fixtures, and that the purchase of their own poles and fixtures requires a large upfront expense, plus they must pay to have meters installed and pay monthly rental fees for those meters.

The scheme is legal, but unfair.  We believe the best option to halt this unfair practice is legislation.

SC HOAs are now working together in a coordinated effort directed at State Senators and Representatives to change SC laws to make more equitable streetlight financing and maintenance contracts between Santee Cooper and HOAs possible. We invite you to read more and join us to persuade our State Representatives, Senators, and Governor to act in the best interest of the South Carolina citizens they have been elected to serve.